#100happydays – day 34


Today’s happy moment was a simple one. I was expecting a ‘signed for’ delivery of things I needed for the kids’ World Book day costumes on Thursday. To miss the delivery today (in the knowledge that I’m going to be at work all day tomorrow), would have lead to disappointed children and a stressful costume shortage. 

I got an early morning text with a tracking number that didn’t work and an estimated delivery slot of somewhere between 9am and 6pm. Seething, I left a post-it note on the front door pleading with the courier to the ring my neighbour’s doorbell if I was out. I then did the school run, the nursery drop off and the dog walk in a heightened state of stress before rushing home expecting to find a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card. There wasn’t one. Cue mini happy moment. Not daring to use the hoover in case it drowned out the doorbell, I had to sideline my housework for a heap of outstanding admin work. After lunch and still no delivery, I did a mad dash to the petrol station and post office before rushing home. Nothing! By 3pm I had to deem my pre-planned afternoon run as an ‘non-essential reason to leave the house’ so I defiantly began hoovering instead. And no sooner had my Dyson roared into life, the doorbell went and my much hyped delivery arrived. I almost kissed the courier. Happy moments come in all shapes and sizes it seems.


About abbizanna

Keen/mildly obsessive runner, trainee antenatal yoga teacher, avid photographer, social media junkie, sporadic blogger, proud Enfieldian, BfN volunteer, breastfeeding supporter for Birth Companions & mum to my fab four

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