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#100happydays – day 36


Today was World Book Day, an annual event that helps to profile the importance and value literature and the commitment and creativity of mums. Because let’s face it, who actually has an 8 year old bookworm who self-styles themselves into a Dickensian hero? In my experience, most kids just want to be Spider-Man. So since the World Book Day note came home in the school bags, I’ve been batting ideas back and forth in attempts to find literary characters that my children can relate to and I can cobble together a costume for. After last year’s Mr Stink debacle involving a pasta sauce stained shirt and a very unhappy 10 year old, I was determined to send three happily costume-clad kids off to school today. And I think I just about managed to! What’s more, Leo had taken such pride in helping to make his two foot tall Cat-in-the-Hat hat, that my happiest moment came when he ran excitedly out of school waving his certificate for 1st prize in the ‘superb book character costume’ competition. Result! So glad I won…I mean he won! 😜


#100happydays – day 31


Another day, another bag but this one was only 99p from TKMaxx and helped to remind me that in just one month’s time, I’ll be flying to NYC! So in preparation I’ve now compiled a ‘must do’ list that includes:

  • Email hotel to check that our reservation is valid and we have not be scammed by eBookers
  • Investigate how I can access (and afford!) wifi while I’m there – five days without my family is doable but five days without Facebook is unthinkable!
  • Read the damn guidebook that has been waiting patiently on my bedside table since Christmas 
  • Overhaul my wardrobe to ensure that I have a subtly stylish array of activity-appropriate outfits for the trip
  • Buy some bucks / convert my currency etc…do people still use travellers cheques??! (it’s been a while since I last left England…)
  • Watch all six series of Sex In The City for research purposes (but not the films because they were crap)

#100happydays – day 17


imageI’m not a gal who likes change. The ‘same-old’ makes me feel safe and I’m a creature of habit, happiest sticking to my routines and rituals. A little bit Raymond Babbit! So I’ve surprised my family and myself today by having all of my shoulder length hair chopped off! I’m now sporting a two-tone pixie crop and my neck feels naked. My new do was met with mixed reactions when I arrived home from the hairdresser. With squeaky high-pitched glee, Niamh exclaimed “Oooo, mummy I love your hair!” whilst Seb raised an eyebrow and said “Your hair looks weird”. My mum didn’t believe me when I told her on the phone and demanded photographic evidence. And Dave just kept giggling whenever he looked at me. So today’s happy moment has come from doing something a bit different, a bit unpredictable and a bit off-plan. I only hope that when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll still like my new do… (Valentines Day disclaimer: I’ve also been spoilt rotten with flowers, chocolates, a scented candle, a teddy bear (that Niamh claimed as her own) and a gorgeous personalised card today…big mwoahs for him indoors!)