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#100happydays – day 17


imageI’m not a gal who likes change. The ‘same-old’ makes me feel safe and I’m a creature of habit, happiest sticking to my routines and rituals. A little bit Raymond Babbit! So I’ve surprised my family and myself today by having all of my shoulder length hair chopped off! I’m now sporting a two-tone pixie crop and my neck feels naked. My new do was met with mixed reactions when I arrived home from the hairdresser. With squeaky high-pitched glee, Niamh exclaimed “Oooo, mummy I love your hair!” whilst Seb raised an eyebrow and said “Your hair looks weird”. My mum didn’t believe me when I told her on the phone and demanded photographic evidence. And Dave just kept giggling whenever he looked at me. So today’s happy moment has come from doing something a bit different, a bit unpredictable and a bit off-plan. I only hope that when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll still like my new do… (Valentines Day disclaimer: I’ve also been spoilt rotten with flowers, chocolates, a scented candle, a teddy bear (that Niamh claimed as her own) and a gorgeous personalised card today…big mwoahs for him indoors!)