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#100happydays – day 22


Having four kids means that, invariably, at least one will wake up during the night in urgent need of a wee, some water, a nose blow or reassurance that the bogey man has left the building. And when there’s no quick fix to the twilight trauma, I tend to extend an open invitation to sleep in “mummy & daddy’s bed” because it’s the simplest route to resuming sleep. However the payoff is the same; bony elbows in the back and duvet wars. Three is always a crowd under the covers! So with Dave back home in London, I’ve been far happier to share my bed with my little ones at my mum’s. Last night I snuggled up with Leo-shaped hot water bottle and tonight it’s Reece’s turn for a sleepover.

Ah, just look at him…gently snoring, so peacefully; and not arguing with his brothers, not refusing to eat his dinner, not distracting me whilst I’m driving, not nagging me to use my laptop….etc, etc