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#100happydays – day 36


Today was World Book Day, an annual event that helps to profile the importance and value literature and the commitment and creativity of mums. Because let’s face it, who actually has an 8 year old bookworm who self-styles themselves into a Dickensian hero? In my experience, most kids just want to be Spider-Man. So since the World Book Day note came home in the school bags, I’ve been batting ideas back and forth in attempts to find literary characters that my children can relate to and I can cobble together a costume for. After last year’s Mr Stink debacle involving a pasta sauce stained shirt and a very unhappy 10 year old, I was determined to send three happily costume-clad kids off to school today. And I think I just about managed to! What’s more, Leo had taken such pride in helping to make his two foot tall Cat-in-the-Hat hat, that my happiest moment came when he ran excitedly out of school waving his certificate for 1st prize in the ‘superb book character costume’ competition. Result! So glad I won…I mean he won! 😜

#100happydays – the sequel


I jumped with enthusiastic glee on to the #100happydays bandwagon last year. So many of my friends were doing it and as I’m never one who likes to miss a social media craze, I used Instagram and Facebook exhaustively to promote my daily happy moment. But after the 100th day came and went, I looked back through the photos and realised that aside from the narcissistic pleasure I had derived from sharing the edited highlights of my life online, I had actually changed from being a guarded pessimist who would lie in bed at night stewing over the challenges and stresses of my day to becoming more of a jolly optimist intent on enjoying the simple pleasures and funny moments of my life. So therein lies my objective as I begin my second Happy Days project. And this time, unlike last, I plan to blog my happy thoughts instead of cluttering up my friends’ newsfeeds. So you should only be reading this if you actually want to!


Day 1 #100happydays

Being mum to a little princess after years of building brio and feigning an interest in the superhero hierarchy means that I’m simply loving fancy dress with frills and flowers. We do believe in fairies!