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#100happydays – day 9


imageCan a sneaky snooze count as a happy moment? If so, then that is mine today. The last time I slept through the night was approximately December 2002BC (before children). Since then my increasing brood and my decreasingly bladder control (the result of spending a full three years of my life with a child in utero) has, for the most part, prevented me from ever having a full 8 hours of uninterrupted kip. Add to this my tendency to lie awake at night making to do lists in my head and it seems unlikely that I’ll ever ‘sleep through’ again. So when Niamh nodded off in the car almost an hour before school pick up, I parked on the driveway, reclined the driver’s seat and snatched a little shut eye (#whatmusttheneighboursthink) I then managed to take the dog for his second walk of the day (with Niamh still snoozing in the pushchair), drag my disgruntled kids around Tesco, make a pasta feast for five (we had one extra for tea tonight) and go for a 45 minute run. So as it seems there’s a lot to be said (and achieved) for having a power nap, I may need to schedule another one tomorrow. Disclaimer – for obvious reasons I wasn’t able to take an asleep selfie but this one of Niamh gives you the general gist of how I must have looked (although I possibly had a bigger mouth gape!)

#100happydays – day 8



I’ve felt so tired today that I was very happy to let the local library entertain my gang after school with a free Harry-Potter themed craft making workshop. As it’s nigh on impossible to find an activity they ALL like to do these days, I’ve now realised that if I piled tissue paper, pipe cleaners and cotton wool balls onto the kitchen table each day, there would be a lot less arguing. That said, having watched what happens when Niamh is let loose with a glitter dispenser and some PVA, I don’t think I could cope with the mess.

#100happydays – day 6



Day 6: When Beano Met Snow. Our 6 month old puppy discovered snow for the first time today and couldn’t decide whether to lick it, kick it or wee on it, so he all three. I decided to take advantage of my rare kid free, work free morning and took him to the woods where there was a fresh dusting of snow on everything and hardly a soul in sight.

imageThere we spent a peaceful hour making foot and paw print trails and taking photos of the wintry landscape (well, I took the pictures and Beano mostly photo bombed them). My stress levels soared momentarily when I realised that with the main pathway buried under an inch of snow, I was a little lost. Challenging my inner Bear Grylls, I fleetingly contemplated whether or not I could work out where I was using only the position of the sun and the wind direction. Then I remembered that I’m a crap survivalist and that there was a fence that ran parallel to the path back to the car park. Beano and I were saved! Mother Nature 1, Abbi nil.

#100happydays – day 5




In the chaos that typifies my daily routine, organising, tidying and cleaning are my coping strategies. And as we’ve spent the last couple of weeks reorganising and redecorating the boys’ bedrooms, my domestic domain has been even more muddled that usual. But with three boys at school, one toddler at nursery, one boyf at work and one dog asleep on the heated kitchen floor, I was able to indulge my Inner Clean Queen and tidy the boys’ bedrooms properly and perfectly for the sake of these panoramic shots. Panoramic shots rock!

#100happydays – day 3



I clocked just over 10k in my running shoes today, despite the snow and sleet. Cue some smug satisfaction! I’d like to say it felt good but it really didn’t. Note to self…must get warmer, trendier, more flattering running gear for the winter months. Wearing multiple layers that included my university sweatshirt, leg warmers and a bobble hat, I looked and felt ridiculous. And I reached new heights of embarrassment whilst running past a wedding reception in full swing at Forty Hall. My pre-planned route took me via the immaculately attired, dry haired guests twice. Cringe-central! But my run today means that I’ve reached my monthly distance target of 90k; a goal that’s particularly significant to me as I’ve been recovering from a knee injury since November and have had to taper my training. What’s more, my weekend run is now done and dusted leaving me free to glug wine and relax to the max tonight, content in the knowledge that I won’t need to pound the pavement tomorrow. Phew!

#100happydays – day 2



Day 2 of my happy days revival was a testing one with one child home sick from school, one toddler intent on emptying the kitchen cupboards and one dog determined to chew his way to freedom. Sub-zero temperatures, an ill-advised ‘quick trip’ to Toys R Us and a shortage of change for the parking ticket machine further compounded my bad mood. My silver lining….it’s Friday! The end of Dave’s working week which means an extra pair of hands at home, adult conversation on tap and a Saturday morning lie-in. TGIF!

#100happydays – the sequel


I jumped with enthusiastic glee on to the #100happydays bandwagon last year. So many of my friends were doing it and as I’m never one who likes to miss a social media craze, I used Instagram and Facebook exhaustively to promote my daily happy moment. But after the 100th day came and went, I looked back through the photos and realised that aside from the narcissistic pleasure I had derived from sharing the edited highlights of my life online, I had actually changed from being a guarded pessimist who would lie in bed at night stewing over the challenges and stresses of my day to becoming more of a jolly optimist intent on enjoying the simple pleasures and funny moments of my life. So therein lies my objective as I begin my second Happy Days project. And this time, unlike last, I plan to blog my happy thoughts instead of cluttering up my friends’ newsfeeds. So you should only be reading this if you actually want to!


Day 1 #100happydays

Being mum to a little princess after years of building brio and feigning an interest in the superhero hierarchy means that I’m simply loving fancy dress with frills and flowers. We do believe in fairies!

100 Happy Days: Days 41-50


20140422-130557.jpgContrary to the impression I like to give my kids, I am not iPad-adverse. I fully appreciate it’s beautiful design, simplicity and convenience and I’ll admit to wasting many hours in front of it. But it frustrates, infuriates and even saddens me to see how addicted my children have become to their “screen time”. So on Day 41 when Leo spontaneously turned off Minecraft and picked up a reading book, I applauded him (before snatching up the device myself to check out Achica’s daily deal).

20140422-130703.jpgI like to fantasise that when my children leave home and I become a lady of leisure (ha!) I’ll fill my days with manicures, massages and me time….oh, and working with the needy too of course. Until then, I get the opportunity to top up my highlights about once every six months and Day 42 included my bi-annual trip to the hairdressers. Hurrah!

20140422-131418.jpgThey bicker, they wrestle and they trash the place together. They can be the best of friends one minute and arch enemies the next but when they find a common interest, share an idea or join forces, everything is easier. On Day 43 Reece and Leo bonded over their appreciation of pretend spectacles and I enjoyed a sibling amnesty.

20140422-165152.jpgAn out of the blue phone call from an old friend qualified as my happy moment on Day 44. The voice message she left was so warm and lovely that I was almost glad I’d missed her call and heard it. No doubt I would otherwise have had to cut our conversation short due to the general chaos of my day. It now shames me that I’ve still not called her back yet!

20140422-165327.jpgMy job with Birth Companions is very important to me and I’m proud to be part of such an impactful and inspiring charity. On Day 45 I spent the afternoon at an NCT Nearly New Sale collecting donations for the mums and babies Birth Companions supports. So it felt good to do something worthwhile on the weekend.

20140422-194908.jpgDay 46 was a Sunday, a supposed day of rest designed for relaxing and rejuvenating, right? Not for those of us with kids though. With an objective of spending quality time together ringing in our ears, Dave and I regularly (and rather bravely) attempt group board games, coffee shop trips and family outings on Sundays with varying degrees of success. Happily Day 46’s family bike ride went surprisingly well with just two minor injuries, one semi-serious meltdown, minimal arguing and a flat tyre we were able to repair. Result!

20140422-200403.jpgLunch with two of my girlfriends on Day 47 motivated me to try a new recipe…three onion pissaladière. And it was not only edible but rather tasty too (a rare achievement for someone like me who usually needs 2-3 attempts at a new recipe to get it right). Happy tummies, happy days!

20140422-195124.jpgI took my role as a parent helper on Leo’s reception class trip to the zoo very seriously on Day 48. Being responsible for a group of 4 and 5 year olds in a public place actually seemed more daunting than my weekly visit to Holloway Prison. But Leo was clearly proud to have his mummy there and kept introducing me to his friends. And I was pleased to get a fly-on-the-wall peek at the children my little boy will spend his next six years at school with.

20140422-195025.jpgAfter a winter of relentless rain and chilblains, the sight of blossom on the trees on Day 49 made me smile. What’s more, my dad calls me Blossom as a nickname so floral displays like this usually make me think of him.

20140422-200027.jpgOn Day 50 I was pleased the boys’ school had finally embraced World Book Day (after years of what I’d concluded must be idol ignorance). I was proud of myself for finding time to rummage through my local charity shop for an old shirt and tie for Seb’s costume. And I was relieved that Leo’s Gingerbread Man outfit, ordered online at the last minute, had arrived in time (Amazon Prime is worthy of it’s very own happyday dedication!). I was however less than impressed when Seb had a meltdown just before the school run and decided he didn’t want to be Mr Stink after all in case his school friends thought he actually smelled. Pfffffft!

100 Happy Days: Days 31-40



On Day 31 I felt high-as-a-kite-happy for most of the day. It was a Saturday and the decorator finished hanging wallpaper and egg shelling skirting boards just before lunch. Some of our best friends were coming for dinner to test drive our new dining table and I’d found a new low carb fish recipe to try out. Having cleared away the clutter and the kids (actually one in the same thing) I snapped a few shots of the kitchen that I fantasised might one day appear in Enfield Interiors (should any such magazine ever be published). The opportunity to show case (ok, ok…show off) the end result of four months of dust, crap and tears made Day 31 a very happy day indeed.


When Christmas shopping last year, my main objective was to avoid buying any more over-priced plastic toys that would soon be relegated to the back of a wardrobe. Then, after listening to a TED talk about how experiences make us happier than material objects, and in a fit of inspired smugness, we bought Seb an hour’s drive in a go kart. So on Day 32 it was his turn to take the wheel and he loved every minute. Yay!


Day 33 was the start of half term so I took the kids to our now traditional school holiday hangout, the RAF Museum in Hendon. I can drive there (and avoid using public transport with four kids), it’s free to get in, the cafe sells great cakes and plane spotting makes us giggle…clearly.


On Day 34 Leo wrote a postcard to my parents, all by himself. This was the first postcard Leo had ever written. In fact, this was the first time I’d noticed that Leo could actually write (detachment parent that I am 😣). His first term in Reception had served him well and I felt delighted by his progress as well as aghast at having failed to recognise it sooner!


My happy moment on Day 35 was captured selfie-style as I sipped a latte in Stevenage station. I was on my way to a work conference, on my own. No pushchair to manoeuvre through the crowds, no heavy bag of snacks and nappies to lug around and no children to pacify or plead with. Just me, my iPod, Ok! magazine and a grin from ear to ear.


Day 36 – phew! My bargain purple velour chair from eBay (just £70….I tell everyone) matches my new lounge feature wallpaper perfectly. And what’s more, I’d found co-ordinating cushion covers online to complete the look. I should apologise for this one but it did make me happy.


Another work conference on Day 37 left me feeling inspired to train to become a lactation consultant. I’ve always loved ‘doing a course’, from photography to patchwork, first aid to defensive driving (actually, I was legally obliged to take the defensive driving course but I enjoyed it nonetheless). Training with the IBCLC would be a natural progression for me career wise so it’s something I’d seriously consider. I think my true happy moment that day was the realisation that I had options.


Having four kids is a juggling act that often leaves me with the feeling that you can’t please all the people all of the time. To address this, Dave and I often adopt a tag-team parenting approach where we split up and do things with the children individually (or in smaller groups). Day 38 gave me an opportunity to spend two full hours chasing around a softplay centre with my mad-capped middle ones. Reece and Leo loved the fact that I wasn’t bound to the ground to look after a baby and could instead wade through ball ponds and climb the rope walls with them. My knees didn’t thank me but when my boys did, it made the whole ordeal worthwhile.


Day 39 – for me, finishing a book is a feat in itself these days (even if it is a novella…shhhhhh!) but finishing a great book that I can’t stop thinking/talking/telling people about feels fab.


My caption for Day 40‘s photo was “When Niamh draws on paper…#100happydays When Niamh draws on herself…#notsomuch” Niamh rarely draws on paper and much prefers using a table cloth, kitchen cupboard or in this case, her forehead as a canvas. So this happy moment was really an excuse to share my amusement at Niamh’s self portrait.

100 Happy Days…Days 21-30



Day 21 involved a trip to the dentist where each of my boys were told they had excellent teeth – a proud (and happy!) mummy moment. As none of them would let me photograph their teeth though, I settled for a Starbucks selfie afterwards.


Niamh had taken to bringing her new bike helmet with her whenever we left the house (except on those infrequent occasions when we leave the house on the bike and she refuses to wear it). On Day 22 I caught her giggling at her reflection in the car window as we drove through Enfield. Happy that my daughter likes accessorising…and that we live in a town I love.


One of my loveliest friends arrived bearing daffodils when we met for a play date on Day 23. Enough said ☺️


I’m still not entirely sure what I did to deserve breakfast in bed on Day 24. The lie-in alone would have been enough to swing my mood from ‘early-morning-misery’ to ‘the-sun-has-got-his-hat-on-happy’. Soggy Special K with berries, warm pain au chocolate and piping hot tea in my favourite mug are all the components of my favourite breakfast, so major kudos to my family for getting everything SO right.


Taking a picture of a lasagne on Day 25 was a bit of a cop out. Lasagnes themselves do not make me happy. In fact making lasagnes is a complete faff and I much prefer the simplicity of its sister dish spag bol. However, after months without a proper kitchen or cooker at my disposable, Day 25’s happy moment was more of a nod to my joy at making home cooked food in a sanitary and well-equipped environment once again.


Day 26 heralded the start of Niamh’s ‘strawberry phase’. Said phase has since passed (and she now won’t touch them with a barge poll) but for a few delightful days, Niamh couldn’t get enough of strawberries. And whenever any of my kids discover a new fruit or veg they like, I feel genuinely euphoric.


Reece’s enthusiasm for Beavers (a club that ticks all of his boxes; junk modelling, building dens, getting filthy, earning badges etc) has filled me with genuine joy. So Day 27 was a special day for us both when he made his ‘Beaver Promise’. Never before have I seen a child so thrilled to be given a plastic woggle by a grown woman named Hawkeye.


With the end of our building works in sight and the decorating in full swing, Day 28 was a celebration of wallpaper. I’d spent weeks sourcing samples, visiting interior design shops and comparing prices. So to have finally made a ‘creative decision’ was hugely satisfying.


We go to library?” has been a daily request from Niamh lately and on Day 29 we did just that. I like to tell myself that such ‘library love’ stems from her appetite for intellectual stimuli and a thirst for literature. But in truth, the Peppa Pig DVDs and cafe that sells croissants are probably the pull factors for my bookworm baby girl.


On Day 30, Reece proudly went to school wearing a pair of lens-less reading glasses from the 99p Shop. Seb walked to school ten foot behind us and tried desperately to disassociate himself from his mortifying younger brother. And I chucked to myself for most of that morning.