#100happydays – day 40


Truth be told I’m loosing momentum at this stage of my happy days marathon. Thinking of something new and unique to be happy about every day is turning into a bit of a chore, not least because most days I’m just happy to make it through to bed time! But with some very lovely things to look forward to in the next 60 days, I’m determined to keep calm and blog on, so….

Having noticed how sluggish and slow my runs have been of late (I’m attributing this to my metaphoric uphill climb to turning 40, after which point I’m told it’s all downhill from there on…), I’ve tried to include speed training in my running routine. And today’s 5k was my fastest of 2015 so far. Gotta love those endorphins!

About abbizanna

Keen/mildly obsessive runner, trainee antenatal yoga teacher, avid photographer, social media junkie, sporadic blogger, proud Enfieldian, BfN volunteer, breastfeeding supporter for Birth Companions & mum to my fab four

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