#100happydays – day 32


…soooooo shiny!

I’ve done lots of things today that have given me happy moments. My 12k run in the sunshine got me off to a good start this morning. And with ‘screen-free-Sundays’ continuing to be a success-stroke-novelty, I was delighted by the kids’ proud and proactive efforts to finding things to do that didn’t involve iPads. We all had a lovely walk with the dog finishing with a round of scones and coffee cake in my very favourite tea shop. And reading Billionaire Boy with Reece tonight brought tears to our eyes – bum humour never fails to do so. But all that aside, my most memorable happy moment of the day came when I finally got round to cleaning the oven. I know, I know…such an admission exposes the full extent of my craving for cleanliness and control, and makes me sound like a complete muppet (and a bit of a bad parent too, if you think about it)….

But after an hour of hard slog, two fairly minor chemical burns and only a brief break to help the toddler onto the toilet, my cooker is shiny and spotless and I am smug and satisfied. Sad but true!

About abbizanna

Keen/mildly obsessive runner, trainee antenatal yoga teacher, avid photographer, social media junkie, sporadic blogger, proud Enfieldian, BfN volunteer, breastfeeding supporter for Birth Companions & mum to my fab four

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