#100happydays – day 20

#100happydays – day 20

Day 20 has been a momentous one for our little pup Beano as today saw his first trip away from home. After being left quite confused by us packing his bed into the car’s top box, he spent the first half hour of our journey sitting bolt upright and whimpering. (The boys blamed this behaviour on my earlier apparently insensitive quip that we were returning him to the breeder…) But after Leo had fed him his own body weight in doggie treats and we’d listened to the entire Frozen soundtrack for the second time through, he settled into the road trip quite comfortably. And when we were eventually greeted at my mum’s house by his gal pals Molly and Tilly, Beano reached new heights of doggie delight. Our afternoon walk through country lanes and soggy fields proved to be the icing on his cake (although I was less than impressed by his new found taste for horse poo. Ugh!!!!) Having worried about the impact this trip might have on Beano, I’m so relieved to see how well he’s adapted to being alway from home. And now having left him snuggled up happily for the night in the kitchen with Molly and Tilly, I think it’s safe to say that Beano’s first sleepover looks to be a resounding successful.


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