#100happydays – day 15


imageI’m fast becoming a big fan of Forty Hall. It’s been my running destination of choice for years but since becoming a proud dog owner last October, Forty Hall has new appeal.
Pretty woodland paths – tick.
Large duck pond and wildlife area – tick.
Adventure playground hidden in the trees – tick.
Colourful year round flower garden – tick.
Vintage style cafe that welcomes dogs – tick!
In truth (and in winter) the cafe is probably the biggest of Forty Hall’s pull factors for me. After freezing our bits off walking around the estate for a good half hour (any less and it’s feels like cheating), the toddler, the puppy and I can now curl up together in a cozy corner of the cafe with cheese scones, gingerbread biscuits and generous mugs of tea. There are dominoes and chess boards that Niamh loves to play with and a shelf stuffed full of tatty but classic books like Where The Wild Things Are. And what’s more, it’s rarely busy! It’s as if I’ve stumbled across one of Enfield’s best kept secrets. Luckily, as its only my mum that reads my blog (hi mum!), this particular secret is safe with me 😉 #happyday15


About abbizanna

Keen/mildly obsessive runner, trainee antenatal yoga teacher, avid photographer, social media junkie, sporadic blogger, proud Enfieldian, BfN volunteer, breastfeeding supporter for Birth Companions & mum to my fab four

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