#100happydays – day 9


imageCan a sneaky snooze count as a happy moment? If so, then that is mine today. The last time I slept through the night was approximately December 2002BC (before children). Since then my increasing brood and my decreasingly bladder control (the result of spending a full three years of my life with a child in utero) has, for the most part, prevented me from ever having a full 8 hours of uninterrupted kip. Add to this my tendency to lie awake at night making to do lists in my head and it seems unlikely that I’ll ever ‘sleep through’ again. So when Niamh nodded off in the car almost an hour before school pick up, I parked on the driveway, reclined the driver’s seat and snatched a little shut eye (#whatmusttheneighboursthink) I then managed to take the dog for his second walk of the day (with Niamh still snoozing in the pushchair), drag my disgruntled kids around Tesco, make a pasta feast for five (we had one extra for tea tonight) and go for a 45 minute run. So as it seems there’s a lot to be said (and achieved) for having a power nap, I may need to schedule another one tomorrow. Disclaimer – for obvious reasons I wasn’t able to take an asleep selfie but this one of Niamh gives you the general gist of how I must have looked (although I possibly had a bigger mouth gape!)


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