#100happydays – day 7



The big news story today has been that 50% of us will get cancer. And as my commute to work on a Wednesday allows for almost 2 hours of uninterrupted radio listening, I’d heard doctors, patients, researchers and Vanessa Feltz debate the issue extensively before arriving at HMP Bronzefield for my morning’s work in prison. Thankfully I found a rogue wine gum in glove box to lift my mood.

It’s been a bonkers day as my work days tend to be. The school called asking that someone collect Reece who’s hacking cough had got the better of him – thankfully Dave beat me to it as Reece had told the office staff that his mum was in prison today. (I’m expecting a few raised eyebrows when I next pop in to pay the dinner money). I squeezed in a dog walk in the woods but forgot to wear my wellies. My new crazy horse doc martens have yet to forgive me. And I legged it back to school just in time for a parent teacher consultation that took much longer than I’d planned leaving me with little choice but to run a few amber lights on my way to collect Niamh from nursery. Then it was karate drop off time; toddler bath time; change the bedding after last night’s ‘wee accident’ time; lecture toddler about not weeing in bed again tonight time; story time; eat a plate of whatever I could find in the fridge time and finally flop time. I’m miffed that I didn’t manage to squeeze in my pre-planned evening run, and that I’ve eaten a fair few more wine gums than planned too. But now that I’ve finally got my feet up in front of a vintage episode of Friends, I’ve found my happy moment.


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Keen/mildly obsessive runner, trainee antenatal yoga teacher, avid photographer, social media junkie, sporadic blogger, proud Enfieldian, BfN volunteer, breastfeeding supporter for Birth Companions & mum to my fab four

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