#100happydays – day 6



Day 6: When Beano Met Snow. Our 6 month old puppy discovered snow for the first time today and couldn’t decide whether to lick it, kick it or wee on it, so he all three. I decided to take advantage of my rare kid free, work free morning and took him to the woods where there was a fresh dusting of snow on everything and hardly a soul in sight.

imageThere we spent a peaceful hour making foot and paw print trails and taking photos of the wintry landscape (well, I took the pictures and Beano mostly photo bombed them). My stress levels soared momentarily when I realised that with the main pathway buried under an inch of snow, I was a little lost. Challenging my inner Bear Grylls, I fleetingly contemplated whether or not I could work out where I was using only the position of the sun and the wind direction. Then I remembered that I’m a crap survivalist and that there was a fence that ran parallel to the path back to the car park. Beano and I were saved! Mother Nature 1, Abbi nil.


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