#100happydays – day 3



I clocked just over 10k in my running shoes today, despite the snow and sleet. Cue some smug satisfaction! I’d like to say it felt good but it really didn’t. Note to self…must get warmer, trendier, more flattering running gear for the winter months. Wearing multiple layers that included my university sweatshirt, leg warmers and a bobble hat, I looked and felt ridiculous. And I reached new heights of embarrassment whilst running past a wedding reception in full swing at Forty Hall. My pre-planned route took me via the immaculately attired, dry haired guests twice. Cringe-central! But my run today means that I’ve reached my monthly distance target of 90k; a goal that’s particularly significant to me as I’ve been recovering from a knee injury since November and have had to taper my training. What’s more, my weekend run is now done and dusted leaving me free to glug wine and relax to the max tonight, content in the knowledge that I won’t need to pound the pavement tomorrow. Phew!


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