100 Happy Days…Days 21-30



Day 21 involved a trip to the dentist where each of my boys were told they had excellent teeth – a proud (and happy!) mummy moment. As none of them would let me photograph their teeth though, I settled for a Starbucks selfie afterwards.


Niamh had taken to bringing her new bike helmet with her whenever we left the house (except on those infrequent occasions when we leave the house on the bike and she refuses to wear it). On Day 22 I caught her giggling at her reflection in the car window as we drove through Enfield. Happy that my daughter likes accessorising…and that we live in a town I love.


One of my loveliest friends arrived bearing daffodils when we met for a play date on Day 23. Enough said ☺️


I’m still not entirely sure what I did to deserve breakfast in bed on Day 24. The lie-in alone would have been enough to swing my mood from ‘early-morning-misery’ to ‘the-sun-has-got-his-hat-on-happy’. Soggy Special K with berries, warm pain au chocolate and piping hot tea in my favourite mug are all the components of my favourite breakfast, so major kudos to my family for getting everything SO right.


Taking a picture of a lasagne on Day 25 was a bit of a cop out. Lasagnes themselves do not make me happy. In fact making lasagnes is a complete faff and I much prefer the simplicity of its sister dish spag bol. However, after months without a proper kitchen or cooker at my disposable, Day 25’s happy moment was more of a nod to my joy at making home cooked food in a sanitary and well-equipped environment once again.


Day 26 heralded the start of Niamh’s ‘strawberry phase’. Said phase has since passed (and she now won’t touch them with a barge poll) but for a few delightful days, Niamh couldn’t get enough of strawberries. And whenever any of my kids discover a new fruit or veg they like, I feel genuinely euphoric.


Reece’s enthusiasm for Beavers (a club that ticks all of his boxes; junk modelling, building dens, getting filthy, earning badges etc) has filled me with genuine joy. So Day 27 was a special day for us both when he made his ‘Beaver Promise’. Never before have I seen a child so thrilled to be given a plastic woggle by a grown woman named Hawkeye.


With the end of our building works in sight and the decorating in full swing, Day 28 was a celebration of wallpaper. I’d spent weeks sourcing samples, visiting interior design shops and comparing prices. So to have finally made a ‘creative decision’ was hugely satisfying.


We go to library?” has been a daily request from Niamh lately and on Day 29 we did just that. I like to tell myself that such ‘library love’ stems from her appetite for intellectual stimuli and a thirst for literature. But in truth, the Peppa Pig DVDs and cafe that sells croissants are probably the pull factors for my bookworm baby girl.


On Day 30, Reece proudly went to school wearing a pair of lens-less reading glasses from the 99p Shop. Seb walked to school ten foot behind us and tried desperately to disassociate himself from his mortifying younger brother. And I chucked to myself for most of that morning.


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