Yes stress!


No…it’s a simple word. In fact it’s one of the simplest words so why do I have such trouble using it?

Actually, that’s not entirely true as I spend large parts of my day saying No! to my children. No, you can’t have biscuits for breakfast; No, you can’t wear Heelys to school; No, you can’t play Angry Birds on my phone again, etc, etc…

But when it comes to the big wide world beyond my front door, No is a word that I’m afraid to use as liberally as I should. This is not to suggest that I’m an all-giving, ever-generous, totally accommodating individual. It simply means I’m a mug!

Yes is a much easier word to swallow. You get a better reaction when you say Yes. People smile, people thank you, people like you more. And don’t get me wrong, Yes has a lot going for it. Yes can open doors and create opportunities. Yes can lead to new experiences. And Yes keeps me busy, connected and involved.

But Yes can also be completely and utterly exhausting! All too often, after an overuse of the word, I find myself over-committed and forced to compromise. There aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I say Yes to. It’s hard to stay organised, calm and in control after one too many Yeses. And my stress levels and energy stores are difficult to manage when my default response is Yes.

So as negative as this may sound, I’ve decided its time to reacquaint myself with the word No. It will be a self-conditioning exercise that will test my will power and audacity. But it might just pay off if I find the time to relax and enjoy my free time, my hobbies, my family and friends and my sanity that little bit more. Yes?


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